the new classic


it is not every day that we stumble upon a new and great design. we don’t have anything against contemporary product design, in fact, it is a lot of good new stuff popping up here and there… but… when we see something new that feels and looks like it should have been there already, we know that we got something really amazing. manufactured by flos, the italian company that have brought to life…

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hudson valley goodness


sometime between now and mid autumn, make your way out of the city and spend sometime with nature. get some fresh air and a good natural workout.

head up from grand central on the metro-north to the cold spring stop in the hudson valley and hike breakneck trail. it is both rewarding with it’s views and it’s challenges. the ‘trail’ is not for the weary. not for those who are scared of heights,…

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but is it the artist’s job to perfect the world, or merely to synthesize themselves with the already existing imperfections?


but is it the artist’s job to perfect the world, or merely to synthesize themselves with the already existing imperfections?

the ipês house


the design of a floating box with well-defined edges and perfect symmetry seems to be popular with designers across the globe as we are seeing homes with similar design take shape in most of europe, latin america and the us. that does not mean that each of them stops adding their own individual touch as the ipês house in sao paulo, brazil, showcases. while the home itself looks like a beautiful…

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my first fictional crush

my first fictional crush


catcher-in-the-rye-front-cover copy

if you went through young adulthood or college without reading this, then i feel very sorry for you. holden caulfield is by far one of the most fascinating characters in fictional literature… and i find him quite appealing. i would have dated him at the time that i first read it. take the weekend to get to your favorite bookstore and catch up on what you missed. by kgb


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more days like this

more days like this

ok fall, were ready for you

hallelujah! new yorkers are being treated to a nice chill in the air. i say bring it on!

while this summer’s scorch was not as bad for nyc as everyone thought it would be, i feel as though i have experienced enough stickiness for my first summer in the city. i am ready, pre-labour day, for this chill in the air. don’t get me wrong, i love the heat, but i don’t like summer clothing options as…

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stingray, baby


 the 1963 ‘fuel injected’ corvette stingray: the most perfect corvette design ever:

the introduction of the 1963 corvette stingray was a seismic event in the sports-car world. the first all-new corvette since the two-seater’s debut ten years earlier, the 1963 sting ray was both an engineering triumph and a design milestone. the car incorporated a boat-tail taper that was common of sporting…

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simon del desierto

simon of the desert still 001simon of the fesert still 002

silvia penal sits at the bottom of the pillar, taunting simon of the desert, temptress that she is! bunuel’s succinct mockery of religion (one amongst many) is a must-see for all you i-don’t-know-what-i-believe-rs. learn a lesson from the surrealist master! by sv

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1962 ferrari GTO 250 berlinetta: the most expensive car in the world

1962 ferrari GTO 250 berlinetta: the most expensive car in the world

1962 Ferrari 250 GTO, s/n 3851GT

1962 ferrari 250 GTO berlinetta (3851GT) auctioned by bonham estimated to fetch $50 million. the original before being restored after a crash was grey with red white and blue center stripes closer to this one below, than the above red.



here’s a bit on the story of the infamous GTO… the most expensive car in the world, expected to fetch over $50 million at auction this week… all told, just 39…

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